Who we are?

Here's who we are, but surely we will try to surprise you.


Geeks by nature. Developers who actually transform your idea into a product.


Design heroes. Giving touch to the product that users will love.


Resource Savers. Planning and optimizing to ensure smooth progress.

Our Process

Depending upon the need of project, our process is either of these two:

Rapid Prototyping For Quick Market Evaluation

Rapid pro-typing is when you want to hit the market as fast as possible.

You are not worried about fully automated testing of the product.

Rather you want a working product and get feedback about the app from your users as soon as possible.

Behavior Driven Development With Automated Testing

Unlike the rapid proto-typing process, if you are looking for a more reliable product which has been thoroughly tested, this is the recommended approach for product development.

Here we identify each and every aspect of the product when writing automated tests and then verify each aspect works as expected even after the addition of newer features.

Framework Agnostic. Full Stack Development.

We believe in delivering value through innovation rather than just technology alone.

Yet we strive to use only the trusted and future-proof frameworks to build our solutions.

  • Backend: .NET Core, Node js, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Mongo Db
  • Frontend: React, Angular
  • Mobile: Flutter, Kotlin, Swift
  • Others: Docker, Swarm, Solr, GIT, Digital Ocean, Figma


Although we are a young company, we have already started to make global impacts through our work.

Learn Python: Programiz

Already loved by over 50,000 users, this app is superbly polished and is undoubtedly one of the best apps made with Flutter.

This was our first project with our client and it marks the QUALITY of work.

Do checkout the app from play stores!

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